MDC 2022 Medal Finalist Results

2022 was a Banner Year for MDC Stirrups at all the major medal finals. MDC Stirrups’ riders won 4 medal finals and placed second in 4 medal finals with other numerous awards. Augusta Iwasaki placed 1st in the ASPCA MACLAY Finals, the WIHS Equitation Finals, and the USEF Talent Search Finals, while Luke Jensen placed 1st in the USEF Medal Finals. Skyler Wireman placed second in the WIHS Equitation Finals and the USEF Medal Finals and Luke Jensen placed second in the ASPCA MACLAY Finals and The USEF Talent Search. Avery Glynn placed 5th in the WIHS Equitation Finals, 6th in the USEF Talent Search, and 9th in the USEF Medal Finals. Martin Cohen, inventor of MDC Stirrups, wishes to congratulate all of our riders, parents, trainers, and horses for this team demonstration of riding excellence and superior horsemanship.

2022 USHJA Kip Rosenthal Memorial High Score Equitation Award – Augusta Iwasaki

Augusta Iwasaki has been named the USHJA Kip Rosenthal Memorial High Score Equitation Award. With wins at the ASPCA MACLAY Finals, the WIHS Equitation Finals, the USEF Talent Search Finals – East, and a fifth-place finish at the USEF Medal Finals, Augusta was the clear High Score Award Winner. MDC Stirrups wishes to congratulate Augusta for her well-deserved award as we look forward to the next phase of her equestrian career. Augusta began her association with MDC when inventor Martin Cohen first saw her ride at Pony Finals and immediately contacted her mother / trainer at the back gate. Augusta has been a Sponsored Rider of MDC Stirrups ever since.

2022 USHJA Junior Equestrian of the Year – Skylar Wireman

Skylar Wireman has been named the USHJA Junior Equestrian of the Year. In addition to her two second place finishes in the WIHS Equitation Finals and the USEF Medal Finals, Skylar also won the USHJA Gladstone Cup Equitation Classic – West, and the World Equestrian Center Premier Equitation Cup. She also took home four titles at the Capital Challenge Horse Show: Overall Grand Junior Hunter 3’6” Champion, High Point Junior Hunter 16-17 Champion, Small Junior Hunter 16-17 Champion, and Best Junior 3’6” Rider Award. MDC Stirrups wishes to congratulate Skylar for her well-deserved awards as we look forward to the next phase of her equestrian legacy. Skylar is a Sponsored Rider of MDC Stirrups.


2003 World Cup Champion, 2004 Olympic Bronze Medal • Athens United States Olympic Team •
2005 World Cup Bronze Medal

“Customizing one’s stirrup angles is a great development in riding technology. The MDC Intelligent Stirrups® are very comfortable and I really like the preset angles and the equal pressure they provide.
I would recommend these stirrups to anyone at any level of riding.”   See the MDC Stirrups Ad


2008 World Cup Champion • United States Olympic Team

“MDC Stirrups are the best and most comfortable stirrups I have ever tried!
I highly recommend them!”  See the MDC Stirrups Ad


2012 London Olympics Games – USA Dressage Team Rider



2016 Rio Olympics Games – USA 3 Day Eventing Team Rider



International Hunter Derby / WCHR Champion

“Having happily ridden in the MDC Hunter Classic™ for two years, I didn’t think that they could be topped. Now that my daughter, Avery, and I have experienced the new MDC ‘S’ Classic™ and MDC ‘S’ Pony Classic™, we both agree they are awesome. For me, they keep my knees pain free after 50 rounds due to the improved stirrup angle. More impressive, Avery’s position has been totally fixed—she loves them and I know they were the difference in her improved position. These stirrups are really and truly great!”



2008 Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event Winner • Gold Medal Pan American Games

“MDC Stirrups have helped my leg position. Their unique adjustability makes it possible to custom fit your stirrup to your riding needs.”


Winningest Grand Prix Rider in United States History

“The MDC Stirrups reduce concussion and release pressure throughout my entire leg. From ankles to knees to hips, they are more comfortable and provide a great base for competitive riding at all levels.”



Three Time Olympic Medalist

“These are the most comfortable stirrups I have ever ridden in, it’s like wearing your favorite shoes all day long. They are the best stirrups I have ever tried.”


2012 Olympic Games – 2014 World Cup Finals

“My MDC Stirrups are particularly beneficial to me as I have limited mobility in my ankle due to an injury. Being able to adjust the angles to my preference really reduces the amount of stress put on that ankle and grants me more comfort in the saddle for a longer period of time. In addition, the stirrups lessen the pressure on my joints and facilitate the alignment of my leg and hips. I really appreciate the safety and comfort value that the stirrups offer.”


USET I-1 National Champion • Reserve Pan Am Gold Medal Team 2007

“I never gave my stirrups a thought until I tried the MDC Intelligent Stirrup. Wow. The stirrup is so comfortable and allows my leg to hang in the ideal position without tension. It is a comfort to know that I am riding in a stirrup that will not hang up on my boot in the event of an unplanned dismount. I have them on all my saddles now. I recommend the stirrups to all of my students. This is one simple change a rider can make to their equipment and notice a dramatic improvement immediately”.


2004 Olympic Team – 1st Alternate • 2002 Spruce Meadows – Gold Medalist • 2000 AGA Championship – Winner • 1999 Pan American Games – Silver Medalist • 1998 World Equestrian Games – Team Member • 1997 Samsung Nations’ Cup World Series – Leading Rider • 1997 U.S. Olympic Committee – Female Equestrian Athlete of the Year

“The practical design of the MDC Stirrups allows me to maintain a better position and balance. The leathers stay comfortably fitted and the stirrups remain perfectly positioned on the balls of my feet. They are truly innovative and a pleasure to use.”


Winner American Invitational • Winner Spruce Meadows Chrysler Classic

“I love the stirrups!!! I thought you might like a picture here from OPUS SEPT going down the Derby bank at Spruce Meadows when he won the Chrysler Classic this summer. I think the stirrups are fantastic. I have not had any knee pain since I started using them. I believe the stirrups allow for a much more direct contact with the horse. The thigh knee and calf have more even pressure so that less side torque makes for no knee pain.”


1999 Canadian Pan American Team – Bronze Medal • 2003 Canadian Pan American Team • 2007 Canadian Pan American Team

“I love the movement of the MDC Stirrups, virtually ‘clicking’ my leg into the proper position. My feet remain securely and properly placed in the stirrups. The MDC Stirrups alleviate the pressure caused by the concussion of landing from a jump, which has significantly reduced ankle, knee, and hip aggravation.”


2004 USEF Junior Dressage Team Championships

“I would like to say thank you for the brilliant design of your stirrups. I am 16 years old and have suffered from chronic knee pain since I was 14. At one point, it was so bad that I was looking at taking time off of riding to recover, because when I did ride, I had to ride without stirrups and I couldn’t compete without them. This was unfortunately right before the 2004 USEF Junior Dressage Team Championships (recognized by the USOC as a Junior Olympic Equestrian Event) which I had qualified for. My trainer (Jennifer Hoffmann) recommended that I try your stirrups, and it made all the difference in the world!! I was finally able to ride virtually pain-free, and I was able to compete in the championships, where I won the team gold medal and finished third individually. Since then, I have put your stirrups on all of my saddles, and I won’t ride in anything else. Your stirrups saved my riding career!”


United States Olympic Team

“What a super design idea the MDC Stirrup represents. Great comfort and a good looking safety stirrup all in one. I love the extra comfort and security of riding in my MDC Stirrups.”


Winner Devon Gold Cup and Capitol Challenge World Cup

“I am so pleased to have stirrups that are designed for both comfort and function. Since I started using my comfort stirrups I have felt that my stirrup irons are perfectly placed on the balls of my feet. They seem to stay in place better than any other stirrups I’ve used. Thank you again for a great product!”


“The MDC Stirrups reduce the concussion in my knees and ankles and allow a real sense of even pressure throughout the leg. I really feel more secure in my position as my stirrups are right where I want them. Its just one more thing not to worry about as I get ready for competition.”


Editor’s Choice Awards 2003

“We chose the MDC Intelligent Stirrups® because we believe that they increase the safety of Equestrian Sporting Products. In addition, it is apparent, that the rider would gain a competitive edge by being able to regain their stirrup quickly while on course”  See the Award


Parelli Natural Horsemanship

“I want to thank you for the stirrups which I’ve been using in earnest. I love them. They fit perfectly with my concept of riding with “Fluidity” allowing riders to truly mold their legs around their horse and not have the stirrups interfere. We sell products that we believe in to our loyal customers via our companion company, Parelli Collection. Our partners Letitia and Art Glen are interested to contact you to investigate the possibility of retailing the stirrup, so I gave them your web and email address. We look forward to a mutually rewarding relationship”


2005 World Cup, Las Vegas

“MDC Stirrups are the way of the future. They allow me to use my leg in the proper way. Stirrups with cutting edge technology.”


West Coast Associate Chef d’Equipe US Olympic Team • International Competitor in Show Jumping, Dressage and Eventing

“Not only does this iron offer the correct, logical angle for a competitive stirrup, it’s weight keeps the stirrup in the vicinity of the foot for a quick retrieval as opposed to the lighter, plastic models on the market today.”


“We had a good show last weekend with Wild One winning both the Intermediaire II and Grand Prix in the national show at the Palm Beach Dressage Derby. I love the stirrups, Incredibly comfortable…that little bit of shock absorption IS quite relaxing on my leg and allows my leg to be longer. The safety aspect is especially reassuring to me (a mother of a 5 year old) without being an overt safety stirrup.”


1992 Olymipc Bronze Medal • USEF “S” Judge

“MDC stirrups are the absolute cutting edge of stirrups. I love the way they are always in the right position. I would highly recommend them to riders at any level.”


Pan American Games Gold Medalist • Intermediaire I National Champion

“MDC stirrups are far and away the most comfortable stirrups I’ve ever used! I’ve put them on all my saddles and have recommended them to my students. I wouldn’t have thought that a stirrup could make such a difference, but I’m convinced now.”


Grand Prix Dressage Rider • New York Times Bestselling Novelist

“Not only are the MDC stirrups smart-looking and safety-conscious (two words seldom used in the same sentence), they literally invite the leg to fall into the correct position, and to stay there without discomfort in the knee or ankle. I loved them from the first moment I put my feet in them!”


United States Equestrian Team Long List

“The MDC Stirrups have been a perfect match for me and my horses. The pain relief in my hips and knees has been amazing !! I never wanted to believe that a stirrup could provide such comfort. I have recommended both the MDC Ultimate and the MDC Comfort Stirrup to all of my students, especially my Adult Am. and my Jr./Young Riders. They too have all made such tremendous improvements. I would like to thank you so much, not only for myself but on behalf of all of my students, for brining to us such an amazing product which is truly priceless.”


FEI Rider/Trainer/Member of the Australian National Dressage Squad

“I found the MDC Intelligent Stirrups fantastic from the first day I rode in them! Since using the stirrups, I have had no pain in my ankle that I injured two years ago; I highly recommend them.”


Multiple Grand Prix Winner

“MDC Intelligent stirrups are the only stirrups that I can ride and jump in all day without having the distraction of sore knees and ankles. The rotating top provides a variety of positions so that you can be comfortable on any horse in any discipline!”


“Finally a stirrup that works! Your foot and your leg fall into place! Simply the best!”


Dressage trainer, Oded Shimoni is a veteran International dressage competitor including competing at two World Equestrian Games and the European Championships. He qualified two horses for the Olympics and trains top competitors in the U.S.

“The very first time I rode in an MDC Stirrup, I noticed the difference. The stirrup design removes the pressure from the lower leg. You can forget about leg and knee pressure and concentrate solely on riding. And the added safety feature makes this stirrup the truly “intelligent” choice”.


Four-time GCDA Dressage Trainer of the Year • USDF Gold Medalist • Multiple USDF Regional Champion at FEI Level

“I am personally a huge fan of the MDC Intelligent Stirrups. They offer unparalleled comfort and allow for the closest possible contact with the horse. I recommend them for all my students to help improve their leg position and contact while riding. They eliminate pressure on your ankles to aid in developing a deeper more effective seat and leg.”


“I have ridden in the MDC stirrups for a week. I must say that they are very comfortable! I noticed the comfort the first time I used them but I was reserving judgment to be sure I was not imagining the change. I have (like all riders) some pain on the inside of my knee ligaments, this has been eliminated by use of your stirrups. I am sold ! I have recommended them to my students. I would like to put them on all my other saddles (4) . I would be happy to recommend your stirrups and be included in your list of riders who endorse them.” The MDC Corporation wishes to acknowledge the loss of a great equestrian and friend. Carol was a well respected Dressage rider and USEF Judge and was one of the first endorsers of the MDC Stirrups ®.


Author • Clinician • Lecturer

“I work primarily with adult riders, most of whom have some physical pain and limitations due to illness or injury. For many riders with painful feet, ankles, knees, hips, or backs, these stirrups can help riding become a joy again instead of a source of frustration and pain. These stirrups help the horses as well, because the riders’ increased comfort and relaxation are invariably reflected in the horses’ increased relaxation and improved way of going. Thank you on behalf of many, many riders – the MDC Ultimate Stirrups® represent a quantum leap in rider comfort, security, support, and safety.”


Two Time Olympian • Canadian Three Day Event Team Coach

“These stirrups are an amazing innovation! Safety to an eventer is all important and being able to regain a stirrup immediately & effortlessly on course is priceless … not to mention they are comfortable, shock absorbing and actually keep my heels down!”  See the MDC Stirrups Ad


Athens 2004 Olympics

“I love MDC Stirrups! They are truly unique and a welcome addition to my equipment. I have them preset at 45 degrees which eliminates nearly all the pressure across my shin from the leathers. The stirrups offer me the freedom to use my aids comfortably and effectively. Thank you!!” The MDC Corporation wishes to acknowledge the loss of a great equestrian and friend. Amy was a well respected Three Day Event rider and was one of the first endorsers of the MDC Stirrups ®.


2004 Young Rider of the Year

“For eventing, as in any equestrian discipline, sound technique and balance breed good performance for all three phases. With the MDC Line of rotating stirrups, I am able to move efficiently, maintain an effective leg position and the correct rider balance whether I am riding dressage, show jumping or galloping cross country. The solid base of support and technical improvements which I feel in these stirrups have convinced me that they are, without a doubt, the most advanced stirrups on the market today.”


2003 Pan American Gold Medalist • 2004 Olympic Traveling Reserve

“Anything that helps me with feeling more secure in my position is a must in my program. And these stirrups are a must! Thank you for everything.”


“We chose the MDC Intelligent Stirrups® because we believe that they increase the safety of Equestrian Sporting Products. In addition, it is apparent, that the rider would gain a competitive edge by being able to regain their stirrup quickly while on course”


Two-Time Olympian and 2003 Pan American Gold Medalist

“The Stirrups are great; I know I can depend on them. It’s one less thing to worry about in the ring.”


USDF Gold Medalist in Dressage

“MDC Stirrups are very comfortable. I love the fact that they turn to fit your own personal style. I got tired of always having to train my stirrup leathers; with the MDC stirrups I only have to turn the adjustable top. They allow my leg to hang down in a nice position. Thanks MDC!!”


USDF Gold Medalist

” I wish I had discovered the MDC Stirrups a long time ago! My knees were constantly hurting. With the “click and set” swivel system, a rider has the option of turning the stirrups so their legs are placed at a natural angle. This relieves stress on the joints and the added feature of the “flex” stirrups helps in absorbing the stress placed on the ankle.”


USET Team Rider -World Equestrian Games, Stockholm, Sweden • Author of Mind Body & Spirit- A Gymnastic Riding System

“I love the MDC stirrups. There is less stress on my lower back and joints. They allow the leg to gently fall into the right position while reducing tension on the ankles and knees. And the safety factor is a real plus. I highly recommend these stirrups.”