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Key features:

• High traction, ultra low profile, traditional width aluminum treads

  1. Offers great traction while providing a secure ride

  2. Please be sure to designate whether your treads are attached with either a 2 bolt or 4 pin attachement.

  3. • Our treads are high traction without being overly aggressive. Overly aggressive treads can cut your boots, breeches, saddle leather, and even fingers. More importantly, overly aggressive treads do not release quickly during a fall.

    • Replacements for our standard wide treads are also available in both a 2 bolt and 4 pin attachement.

MDC Optional Traditional Width Aluminum Treads

Traditional Width Aluminum Treads for select MDC Stirrups™ models

MDC’s Optional Traditional Width Aluminum Treads are designed to complement your MDC Stirrups™. Select MDC Stirrups™ including: Super Sport™, Sport Classic™, 'S' Flex™, 'S' Classic™, Jumper Classic™ and Hunter Classic™.

Installation instructions for 2 Bolt
Installation instructions for 4 Pin