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Key features:

  1. Mutli-Pivot Point™, shock absorbing sides

  2. Ultra-low profile, high traction wide aluminum tread with 45º easy retrieval trailing edge

• Traditional stirrup leather opening

  1. Optional traditional width aluminum tread available

  2. Lighter weight

  3. Available in 3 sizes (4.5, 4.75 & 5 inches)

  4. Ideal for Jumping, Dressage, Eventing, Polo, Endurance and Trail Riding

MDC Jumper Classic™

The Improved Jumper Classic is now the MDC 'S' Flex. With more benefits at the same price, the 'S' Flex is the Stirrup of the Future. We Guarantee you will LOVE the 'S' Flex.

Please consult Stirrup Sizing Chart for proper fit